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Welcome to Mercs 4 Hire!

We are glad you have found us. We are called a “Clan” but around here we like to think of our self as a group of friends. Playing on the Xbox 360 system mostly on Call of Duty games, but we also play other titles (Left 4 Dead, Arcade games ect). We can be found playing on the COD Elite system & GameBattles site.

Please read this and the Board Rules before making account. Please make your user name the same as your XBL Gamer Tag. (If you made an account before reading this or if you XBL Gamer Tag changes send Big Ed a message and he will fix it for you.)

The atmosphere here is relaxed, fun, and enjoyable. Our goal is to create a fun, laid back atmosphere for mature gamers to relax and have some fun after a long day. We want a place where a gamer could come home to hang out with friends online and feel comfortable and welcome.

Be sure and stay up to date by checking our site once every week for new items. Should you have any questions about our group, or anything else please let us know.

Please do not bookmark the current site. Bookmark www.mercs4hire.com as we post lots of great information on there. If you need help please send us a message.

Last Updated 10/29/13

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